Using the Robustel M2M soulutions, you will be able to deploy a remote video surveillance system, where landline connection to the internet is not available, or the required wiring to the cameras can not be deployed. With this solution, the footage of the IP cameras can be transmitted to the center by the router, where they can be recorded, or the live footage can be viewed.

For that case, the Robustel R3000 router product family offers a full-scale solution with their wide palette of interfaces, which offers you the ability to apply diferent types of redundant solutions. The router can be easily connected an configured  to your existing environment and backup needs. The WAN connection could be esteblished via 3G, Wifi or Ethernet interfaces.

In several cases the wired landline internet or leased line conenction can not be deployed, or at least not in a cost-effective way, i. e. construction sites, facilities at or beyond the city borders. But the security of these properties are important too. If you have to report to foreign investors, the security and the traceability are both could become important ponints too. The continous spreading of modern IP cameras, you only have to provide reliable internet connection to these devices for optimal operation.

The Robustel R3000 Quad industrial router has 4 ethernet ports, which offers you the possibility to connect up to 4 surveillance cameras to the internet at the same time, with one device. Utilize the Wifi option, you can connect several compatible IP cameras to the internet with one device, but first, be sure to check your bendwidth requirements.

The Robustel R3000 Quad router includes the GSM radio module, which can operate on 3G HSUPA / HSPA+ and 4Gnetworks, adapting your needs.



Example: Construction Site Surveillance

A constant need raised in both the security and video surveillance field to ensure continouos and reliable connection, with emphasising the high level of security viewpoints. If the connection lost because of any reason, then an immediate intervention becomes necessary. The Robustel R3000 Quad device with it's advanced software and hardware functionalities offers you the possibility to systematically switch to one of the backup solutions mentioned above. You can have further information about them here.

The video surveillance type fields of application requires special high security level VPN functions, and the Robustel routers are able to fit these requirements. There is no need to deploy intermediate hardware or software to handle VPN functions, because the router can fulfill this role on its own.

As further requirement, the foreign investor wanted to to kept under control the work on the construction site. Because of the newer and newer phases of work, further cameras has to be deployed, which could be done easily, because of the flexibility of the routers' Wifi connection ability.