Nowdays, we are facing intelligent solutions in more and more fields, and one of their main goals is power saving. Our customer raised a need, as we had to transfer measurement data and management information because of the real time processing in a lighting project. The power saving can be only achieved effectively, if the supervision is continuous and there is an opportunity for intervention.

The task is to offer a communication device, which can reliably operates in hash environment, outdoor, and provides continuous and fast data transmission between the end-point device and the control center via a secure VPN channel.

As the solution, we offered the Robustel R3000 Lite router. To that device, through Ethernet interface connecting the PLC controller, which controls the LED lighting service. This end-point device ensures continuous data transmission, which contains luminous intensity, energy consumption and several other technical data. Based on these information, the control center is able to dim the lights ion the field. The luminous intensity will be determined automatically based on the measured data and power saving information. There is an option to override it by the continuous connection. It is possible to detect possible errors faster, thereby improving availability.

On the center side a VPN server application handles the incoming encrypted connections, on the field the R3000 routers are configured as VPN clients.  The communication is secured and protected.