In the field of cargo transportation there is a need for continuous and reliable internet connection on-board for data and voice transmission purpose.

The internet access sharing from a mobile phone will not be fit for the requirements, because of the unpredictable reception conditions due to constant moving and if there is a need for serving many  devices at the same time. In the case of international transportation the avoidance of roaming is also a goal.

The vehicles’ heat insulating glass (which is a complex metal layer on the glass) and a body together act as a Farady cage, affecting the reception conditions. Based on these conditions, the mounting of an external antenna and using dual SIM redundancy solution will be necessary. The deploying of „automotive” graded devices is expedient, because of the shock effect, the power fluctuation and the extreme temperature conditions.

These requirements meet our solution, which offers two (main + diversity) water-proof 3G/4G antennas - which can be mounted outdoor on the roof of the vehicle – and an industrial grade router capable of handling two SIM cards and offering Wi-Fi service.

The antennas can be deployed to the expertly pre- or later crafted mortise, and you can wired the antennas to the vehicle through the mortises of the mounting screws. Mounting the router close to the antennas is optimal to minimize the signal loss about the length of antenna cables.

Using two SIM cards in the router provides better and more reliable internet access using two different operators, or you can avoid roaming and its’ additional cost if you place a SIM cards from a different country’s operator’s to one of the slots.