ImageFor museums, one of the most important tasks is to preserve the texture of artworks. This can be only achieved by providing the necessary environmental conditions. The base of this capability is the ability to monitor these conditions during storage, display or transportation. Our company offers a solution to help you monitor the environmental conditions and display them in a single way, coming from wireless sensors deployed near to the displayed works of art in real time.

The capabilities of Kerns Systems for Museums:

  • Monitoring artworks and their environment
  • Energy management
  • Visual display and registry

Monitoring Artworks and their Environment:


  • Wireless sensors deployed on artworks
  • Measurable parameters: temperature, humidity, brightness, air pressure, gases (CO2)
  • Real time measurement and alerts
  • Monitoring of artworks outside the museum, during transportation or a remote site display


  • Real time alerts in case of crossing preset thresholds
  • Constant monitoring of environmental variables
  • Providing more precise compliance with required environmental values
  • Secure and valid storage of measured data
  • The measurement data and events (alerts) can be retrieved
  • ​The alerts and reports can be sent to the person defined at different alert levels

How it Works:

  • The wireless sensors can mounted on the artwork itself or near it, based on it’s size and shape
  • The sensors are establishing connections with the gateway. In case of long distance, the sensors can connect to the gateway through a router or range extender too.
  • The gateway gathers the measurement data and forward them to the evaluation system
  • If the evaluation system detects the crossing of preset thresholds, it will send an alert based on the pre-configured alert properties.
  • The measurement data and alerts will be stored in a secure area, where only those can reach them, who has the right to access.
  • The measurement and alert information can be followed on PCs, tablets or smart phones too.
  • Beside the continuous supervision of measurement results, the operation and availability of the full system is under constant monitoring.