Nowdays there are a growing need for continuous internet connection, not only in offices or shopping malls, but during en route from one place to another, mainly during a longer journey. The popularity of public transportation can be improved by services which make the passengers more comfortable on board. An easy way is to provide onboard free internet access for the passengers during the travel. The service can be used by the passengers’ smart devices via Wi-Fi

Several of our industrial grade 3G/4G products offers solution for that problem. They can handle up to 64 clients at the same time and provide broadband internet connection supporting 150 Mbps bandwidth Wi-Fi connections. The base for this service is ensured by constantly growing 4G networks. Our devices are shock resistant, and capable of working between extreme temperature thresholds thanks to their robust industrial design.

  • As every router, these can be configured in wide scales, both from security and data usage restrictions viewpoints. You can also use them for marketing purposes.
  • If you want to use these devices in a bus, you can deploy them in restricted area, separated from the cabin, for security reason. Wiring the Wi-Fi antenna to the cabin, and the GSM antennas outside for optimizing the reception quality and maximize the available bandwidth
  • In case of international travels, the roaming could cause notable additional costs when crossing the borders. You can eliminate that easily by our devices, which are capable of using 2 SIM cards. You can easily configure, where to use which operator.
  • There is an opportunity to develop unique solutions, ensuring to fit every needs for everyone.