The purpose is to provide real time, continuous or on demand remote availability and data collection of power factor correction equipments and network analyzer devices, deployed throughout the country. Ensuring alert sending in case of malfunction and the possibility to intervent from everywhere.


We established a connection for the Janitza UMG 605 compact network analyzer operated by our customer via it’s Ethernet port with a 3G industrial router. The analyzer gathers the data, then send it through it’s Ethernet interface to the router. It is forwarding them to the Janitza Gridvis software using 3G mobile network as a bearer.


  • Ability to provide continuous control
  • Remote and fast intervention, the ability for instantaneous reaction in case of accidental malfunctions or irregular operations
  • Cost saving – You can save time and money with reducing the number of personal trouble elimination cases to the minimum
  • If you are not bounded to wired internet connection, you can transfer data uninterrupted in case of system errors and cable breaks through the mobile network.